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It’s loud in this quiet room…

You’d think that the quiet room in a house would be, well… quiet.

Perhaps that would make sense if the conversations, plans, and ruminations in my head weren’t quite so loud.

An inner guitar guy is trying to find just the right vibe and the amp is set on 11.

A tactile, tapping, improvising keyboard player is trying to find his inner Keith Jarrett.

The lover/lonely guy is sending loud vibes of need toward his partner/wife/friend.

Memories of a thousand loud smiles of daughters are clattering about in the shadows of my every waking moment.

And then there’s the constant whisper coming from the big circumstance, calling, calling…

Maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised that the quiet room is a bit noisy.

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2 thoughts on “It’s loud in this quiet room…

  1. By your description it does sound noisy…you have as many thoughts as I do rolling around in your brain…

    I’m sad that your daughter’s smiles are in the shadows though but happy they are there in your heart…

    Rock on, Rev. Randy!

    • My daughters’ smiles aren’t shadows in a bad way. They’re always with me! I’m very fortunate that they love me and seem to like being with me. It’s always a bit of a mystery to me, but it makes me feel very blessed. As for the rockin’, ain’t no doubt about that!! Thanks, Little L!!

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