being myself the best way I can

bouncing words

They arrive at the most innoportune times… bouncing words.

Never few though sometime quite choice, they arrive; words that carom about after rising from the cold dark realms outside of our hearts.

It’s not an issue of ears unless selective. Rather it’s an attitude of heart that disallows, mishears and reacts to the words that bounce.

Oh… they are heard, those bouncing words. Late, misdefined, skewed, tired, malevolent or sometime just innocuous in the extreme.

Bouncing words… crashing into hearts which break all too easily, careening against emotions fragile and raw from exposure, into the psyche of logic as yet unperceived… only to rise again later as inertial goads toward a malicious return – echoing back toward their source…

Or bouncing words – of love, stuttered and bumbled through; words innocent of malice yet without adequate foundation or appreciation… lost in space words looking for a surface from they can geometrically be directed toward a waiting listener…

May the words in your world bounce in laughter and bright joy when they recoil into the awareness of those to whom you speak, people you love, people you long to include in your innermost hidden and fragile self.

Perhaps bouncing words may be more effectively spoken and heard in the form of understanding and persistent hugs – whether in the form of actual arms or in the shape of kind thoughts of lovers and caring people from afar.

May you disallow bouncing words prior to the moments they would spring from your tongue – aiming more carefully, hearing more kindly, alwats ready to manage the rebounds and score the higher goals.


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