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It’s Uncommonly Unlikely!

It’s not uncommon to feel the cold… It’s more unlikely to celebrate the feeling of brisk fresh air on one’s skin.

It’s not uncommon to be a bit squeamish… It’s more unlikely to take the time to become adept at helping friends through yucky times when most other folks have already headed for the door.

It’s not uncommon to feel alone… It’s more unlikely to open your door, go out of it and make a friend of the first person you meet.

It’s not uncommon to have opinions… It’s more unlikely to find someone who listens to all the arguments about a subject and embraces a changed understanding with a sense of joy

It’s not uncommon to want a hug… It’s more unlikely to extend yourself and offer hugs even when you’re afraid someone will reject the hug you’ve offered.

It’s not uncommon to want to receive gifts… It’s more unlikely to recognize the gifts in the shy and quiet people around you while settng the stage for others to learn about the giftedness of those who are more or less unseen.

It’s not uncommon to have deep and provocative thoughts… It’s more unlikely for us to allow the thoughts and impressions that come from the truest depths of our hearts to guide us as we make our way along someone else’s rigid idea of the path.

The uncommon and unlikely are choices we make… As our choices are made, will the uncommon overshadow the unlikely or will you seek to discover the difference? Sadly, it’s uncommonly unlikely.


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2 thoughts on “It’s Uncommonly Unlikely!

  1. This is so right…we are unlikely to take those chances for ourselves and others…but don’t you think that putting it out there like this through writing and music will reduce the fear so that we can really know….ourselves, our community, our world?

    I really like this, makes me think.

    • I’m not an overly “positive” person. However, when I look for the light I usually find my way through life’s maze a littl more easily or at least less painfully. Speaking the truth about seeking the light is important for people (and me) to hear. So… That’s my best guess at a good approach. I fail as often as I succeed – the sign of being human I suppose…

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