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The Sun in February

There are few things more illusory or uncertain than the sun in February. ‘Cuz, it’ll rain or snow in the next half hour no matter how brightly the sun is shining in this astonishing moment.

I’m not certain if this speaks to my need for immediacy or my observation of the passing vagaries of life.  Should I have a bottle of sunscreen always ready to hand or should I have a critic’s attitude such that I measure and comment on the changing quality of sunshine vs. the lack thereof?

Who’s to say what’s better..?  The appearance of the sun in February is almost always a welcome surprise.  Still that standard if untrusty gray-scale of Februaryan visualization provides a powerful environment in which it’s easy and comforting to lurk.  I’d rather not think how many times I’ve been caught between the poles of lurking & smirking when the sun dances its merry gavotte with the clouds in February.

Caught..?  How caught lurking?  Where, why, and for whose agenda did I hide in February’s shadows..?  And well you might ask!  Ahhh… But, that would be telling wouldn’t it?

And yet, there is a hope that cannot be much questioned…  March is on its way (smirk)!!


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2 thoughts on “The Sun in February

  1. Paul Little on said:

    The poet in you is alive and well!

  2. Thanks, Paul! Sometimes I just need to write what’s floating in this nebulous brain of mine!!

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