being myself the best way I can

If Dr Seuss owned too many guitars…

If I can only play one guitar at a time…

 why do I have more than one – and does it rhyme?

 Sometimes a Strat cluck is the sound that’ll do.

 Sometimes a Taylor or Martin rings true.

 There are seasons when Hamer’s the axe for which I yearn.

 And, sometimes an ol’ Tele is so hot it burns.

 Some days a PRS is the all-round best 6-string.

 On some days a Collings will make my heart sing.

 Perhaps it’s a mando or dulcimer type of day,

 or mayhap a lap-steel or resonator is the best way – to say…

 Playing guitar is a good thing for me –

 And, still I don’t yet own 33…


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