being myself the best way I can

An Ultimate Togetherness

Spending the last few days in thought…

about dying.

Thinking about the death

of those who showed me the way…

Considering the rare gift of

being in the right place

at the right time,

has led me to deep sadness,

thankful joy,

the silent mystic crossroads,

and the clarity of perception

that only comes with

facing the certainty

that all of us


will have someday

caused someone else

to find themselves in the past perfect act of

having spent their last few days in thought.


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2 thoughts on “An Ultimate Togetherness

  1. My friend….I think you are cursed as I am with constant thoughts and ponderings….Its hard to be sensitive in this time, isn’t it? And since we are contemplating death and passing, do you think we will continue this lively conversation from the other side? I certainly hope so and look forward to it…and thanks for writing about death, the ultimate taboo subject….

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