being myself the best way I can

Re-Learning Civility

For those of you who know me,

it shouldn’t come as a surprise;

I am a Liberal.

There.  I said it!!

I’m not shy about it;

though I am just a little proud.

To earn that pride and remain just a bit shy…

I pledge the following;

I will be as respectful of your viewpoint as I’m allowed.

I will remember that I have a right to speak

and a duty to listen.

I may not always be successful in my rights or duties.

I might even fail.

But I’d love it if you’d join me…

on the journey toward re-learning civility.

No matter your politics,

religion or lack thereof,

gender identity,

dog vs. cat preference,

skin color,

language group,

immigration status,

and irrespective of your choice about briefs,  boxers, bikinis and beyond…

Can we re-learn civility together…



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