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Arm In Arm… by Randy Creath

waitin’ for a cue and warmin’ it up
lookin’ for a secret in an empty cup
runnin’ from the dark into the light
claimin’ I’m brave to stave off the fright
surfin’ out ahead of a hurricane
hangin’ on the edge of the wave’s chicane
ugly stares from the far right-wing
as I open my heart and start to sing
pretty words to tickle the ear
lies and innuendo to feed the fear
take your pick of poisons my friend
the message you choose, you’ve got to send
mystic bullshit or specious hope
drinkin’ brown liquor or smokin’ green dope
drown in the cesspool or make a choice
use your words or lose your voice
the time-liars tell you it’s all gonna end
the truth is more like it’s time to make friends
be like the good guy you’d like to be
walk out of the darkness, choose to be free
ain’t no shadows gonna hide the truth
ain’t no lies to deny the proof
just livin’ wise and spreadin’ sails
arm in arm on an unseen trail…
into tomorrow


Poundin’ Down Our Hall

Poundin’ Down Our Hall    by Randy Creath 3/14/2013


I heard the thunder rollin’

black helos in the sky

felt like bells a tollin’

and no one tells me why…

just my paranoia

comin’ by to call

jack-booted dreams are on ya’

poundin’ down your hall


Can we find an answer

In the daily dark

Can we kick the door down

To unveil the spark

Are the clowns and satyrs

Poised to kill us all

(will) Billion dollar fakers

Bury us at the mall


Listen to the earth groan

Under hated feet

Stompin’ through the graveyards

Of thoughtful dead elite

Rising from the ashes

Of the smoking tomes

Burned by fascist pyros

They’re leveling your homes


Waited for their passing

Hoped they’d go away

Still can hear them laughing

They’ve come here to stay

Oh the bastard fancies

We let live in our heads

Even though it’s rent free

And my hope is dead…


It’s just my paranoia

comin’ by to call

jack-booted dreams are on ya’

poundin’ down our hall

More Whole Soul Gone

More Whole Soul Gone   by Randy Creath 1/17/13


I want mad singing and wild love

Sensitive fingers wrapped in velvet gloves

I need crazy guitars and keyboards, child

With drums and bass right along beside



Tear the curtain from the halls of rock

Tattooed ballad in a silken stocking

Heart pounding like a wild horse runnin’

In the midnight of a moon that’s turnin’



Ain’t a mystery though the question is

What’s a martyr learn by wanting to live?

In the rhythm and blues of flight

Cloaked in wispy bands of smokey light



Trouble learnin’ to let it go

Hold on fast and lose it slow

Turn the corner and hit the gas

The edge is comin’, comin’ fast…


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