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Life Jacket Lover

IMG_0043There are days I feel like I’m an utter fraud

A pale mirrored big might-have-been

The darkness so heavy, sadness so strong

That the music of love is no longer a song

But a dirge, a lament, and a strangling cry

For a life that could have been better…


I wonder ‘n’ question, struggle ‘n’ so on

I whine about things that I’ve known

Such beauty, such longing, such warmth and such hope

Cast away ‘n’ burst like bad cantaloupe

The weight of time and length of the night

A guttering candle losing its light


Then you whisper to me, I love you

I hear your heart on your sleeve

You whisper to me, I love you

And the lonely gives up and leaves


The story I tell is one most of us know

Self-doubt and shuttered emotions

Yet the love you profess keeps the wolf from the door

And I no longer writhe on the floor

You’re a life-jacket lover, a keeper of my heart

You call my soul back to life…


You whisper to me, I love you

I hear your heart on your sleeve

You whisper to me, I love you

And the lonely gives up and leaves


Arm In Arm… by Randy Creath

waitin’ for a cue and warmin’ it up
lookin’ for a secret in an empty cup
runnin’ from the dark into the light
claimin’ I’m brave to stave off the fright
surfin’ out ahead of a hurricane
hangin’ on the edge of the wave’s chicane
ugly stares from the far right-wing
as I open my heart and start to sing
pretty words to tickle the ear
lies and innuendo to feed the fear
take your pick of poisons my friend
the message you choose, you’ve got to send
mystic bullshit or specious hope
drinkin’ brown liquor or smokin’ green dope
drown in the cesspool or make a choice
use your words or lose your voice
the time-liars tell you it’s all gonna end
the truth is more like it’s time to make friends
be like the good guy you’d like to be
walk out of the darkness, choose to be free
ain’t no shadows gonna hide the truth
ain’t no lies to deny the proof
just livin’ wise and spreadin’ sails
arm in arm on an unseen trail…
into tomorrow

An Ultimate Togetherness

Spending the last few days in thought…

about dying.

Thinking about the death

of those who showed me the way…

Considering the rare gift of

being in the right place

at the right time,

has led me to deep sadness,

thankful joy,

the silent mystic crossroads,

and the clarity of perception

that only comes with

facing the certainty

that all of us


will have someday

caused someone else

to find themselves in the past perfect act of

having spent their last few days in thought.

Split Pea Soup and Ham

Having been given a hambone with a lot of meat still on it

and having searched the cupboards only to find

dried split peas, an onion, and seasonings

an endeavor will be undertaken to create a meal of comfort…

Steaming hot split pea soup and ham

a loaf of whole wheat bread, freshly emerged from the oven

a bottle of rough Italian red waiting to fill our glasses

shared while holding hands with my lover/wife…

Who says there isn’t hope in our world?!

Who I am…

If I haven’t made it clear, let me try again…

I’m a God-haunted artist informed and fueled by a passionate pursuit of truth and hope.

I find beauty in surprising places and offer grace to as many people as my frailty allows.

I’ve been blessed and I’ve suffered. I am human and I will honor the humans around me.

I don’t have many answers but I’m aware of quite a few questions.

Life isn’t about getting rich or gaining power over others.

My longing is to offer love and life to all who will receive it.

Mystery is imminent for all those will seek it amidst the simplicity of life.

Those who are emminent are rarely trustworthy guides but may, at times, provide examples of how not to find peace.

I’m not always comfortable in my own skin but I’ve no other skin to wear so I’ll try to be myself as much as possible.

I’m on a journey.

I hope you are as well…

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