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I Will Be With You

jessica sleepy

It’s been some time now, I keep thinkin’ you will call
Or send a line of silly text, or holler down the hall
I ‘waken in the night, prayers abjectly send
Beg to hold you in my arms and make this nightmare end

I know you didn’t choose it, the chasm that you crossed
Didn’t see it coming, or the chances that were lost
I stand here with nothing but tears and empty cries
Trying to learn what to do as I wonder why you died

The people, oh they mean well, but it doesn’t help a thing
When I think about your flute and the way you made it sing
It wasn’t always perfect, sometimes you were out of breath
But the tune was in your heart so strong and now there’s nothing left

Yes, I’ve got the memories but I’d rather hold your hand
Rather watch your play your games and wander on the sand
I’d rather just ‘bout anything than this empty, broken heart
That mourns and cries and tears this poor daddy all apart

Ain’t but loss and really there is nothing I can do
Still I travel in my mind and wonder if it’s true
That somewhere, somehow, someday…
I will be with you

The future is but yesterday that never did come true
And I would trade ‘em all away if I could be with you
Walkin’ as the leaves fall, kaleidoscopic view
Of autumn colored magic in ever varied hue

Or better yet a snowy day your nose just slightly blue
Cured by some hot chocolate and laughs between us two
Just a glimpse of your warm smile or your angel in the snow
But I’m bereft, broken-hearted wonderin’ why you had to go

Ain’t but loss and really there is nothing I can do
Still I travel in my mind and wonder if it’s true
That somewhere, somehow, someday
I will be with you

By Randy Creath 9/27/2015


Broken Heart Sigh

Listen for the doorbell, waitin’ for delivery

Wonder what the mail might bring

Lookin’ at the clouds and wondrin’ ‘bout the weather

Feel I’m on the ragged fringe

Anxiety is pumpin’ like a diesel thumpin’

Poundin’ down the daily grind

Lost and found in boxes, skittish as the foxes

Seek but kinda hope I won’t find

Torn but whole, oh a broken soul

Mournful blues and rockin’ heart

Life is goin’ great, but guess it soon’ll break

Grimly hope and play my part

Dark on the horizon, I see trouble risin’

Down the heart of Dixie way

The status quo is breaking into vapid faking

It’s a dying liberal day

Resurrection Jim Crow, hating on the down low

Remember your way back when

Make the Bible tell lies, another innocent dies

History repeats again…

Can you tell me why?

Feel the tear tracks dry,

Burning cheeks,

Lips so dry,

Hear my broken heart sigh…

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