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Arm In Arm… by Randy Creath

waitin’ for a cue and warmin’ it up
lookin’ for a secret in an empty cup
runnin’ from the dark into the light
claimin’ I’m brave to stave off the fright
surfin’ out ahead of a hurricane
hangin’ on the edge of the wave’s chicane
ugly stares from the far right-wing
as I open my heart and start to sing
pretty words to tickle the ear
lies and innuendo to feed the fear
take your pick of poisons my friend
the message you choose, you’ve got to send
mystic bullshit or specious hope
drinkin’ brown liquor or smokin’ green dope
drown in the cesspool or make a choice
use your words or lose your voice
the time-liars tell you it’s all gonna end
the truth is more like it’s time to make friends
be like the good guy you’d like to be
walk out of the darkness, choose to be free
ain’t no shadows gonna hide the truth
ain’t no lies to deny the proof
just livin’ wise and spreadin’ sails
arm in arm on an unseen trail…
into tomorrow


Paeans to the Blind

Although it’s dark beyond the shoreline
the waves’ voice still does shine
Crashin’ in the fog and rhymin’
Paeans to the blind

Siren song, it’s silky
Mist and salt so fine
Turnin’ from the easy answers
To wrestle me with mine

When’s the farthest distance?
Can I fly that high?
Where’s the how and who will answer?
When I ask of why?

Don’t mean to make it hard for you
But easy can’t be mine
Need to find a way to weave
Sense and the sublime

I get away with fancy words
Or so I have been told
I started talkin’ early
Won’t quit till I’m too old

Babble about trifles
To argue ain’t a crime
But questions don’t get answered
By voices with no mind

So I dream of castles
Where fountains flow with truth
And there the sages gather
At the info booth

Fill their minds with wonders
To ponder ‘til they’re blind
Listen to waves as they sing
Paeans to their kind

written on 3/26/2012

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