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Arm In Arm… by Randy Creath

waitin’ for a cue and warmin’ it up
lookin’ for a secret in an empty cup
runnin’ from the dark into the light
claimin’ I’m brave to stave off the fright
surfin’ out ahead of a hurricane
hangin’ on the edge of the wave’s chicane
ugly stares from the far right-wing
as I open my heart and start to sing
pretty words to tickle the ear
lies and innuendo to feed the fear
take your pick of poisons my friend
the message you choose, you’ve got to send
mystic bullshit or specious hope
drinkin’ brown liquor or smokin’ green dope
drown in the cesspool or make a choice
use your words or lose your voice
the time-liars tell you it’s all gonna end
the truth is more like it’s time to make friends
be like the good guy you’d like to be
walk out of the darkness, choose to be free
ain’t no shadows gonna hide the truth
ain’t no lies to deny the proof
just livin’ wise and spreadin’ sails
arm in arm on an unseen trail…
into tomorrow


So Many and So Many Times

Some days I mourn for the might have been

And long for the things that seem lost

The fame, the road, and the roaring of fans

The romance, the lights, and the kisses they’d toss


I wonder if I’d have made a different choice

Would I be who I have become?

And then the keys or guitar or the woman I love

Calm my fears and they welcome me home


Living as me is a puzzle I’ve found

Battered and buffered in the waves of sound

The roaring of wind and sighs of the sea

A shattered canoe but yet again found


I’ve tried and I’ve tried as hard as I know

In a sea the color of rhymes

The storms and calm times they’ve ebbed and they flowed

I’ve failed so many and so many times


Quiet at night I listen to her breathe

And I rest near the touch of her skin

The dreams and nightmares all fade away

As I look toward tomorrow again

The Wind in March

The roar outside the walls of our home is rising in falling in pitch and intensity.

I hear the creakings and groanings of 60 year old beams as they try to accomodate the stress of recklessly being pushed northwest.

The vagrant rush of air due to changing pressure in the atmosphere might well make Mary Poppins think twice prior to opening her umbrella.

Though the air is clear and the sky is blue, the brute force of the wind is an unmistakeable assault on those who would soak in the warmth of the sun.

I wonder from whence it has come and ponder where it might go.  Who breathed this air yesterday and what fires will it fan tomorrow?

The wind gives me pause, and I wonder… Am I am a leaf in a breeze of spirit?  Is the holy ruach still trying to assist me to let go of the anchor.

I know the days will come when my heart will rise and demand to ride the wind.  The only question in my mind is what appearance that ride will take.

Given my penchant for adventure, windy days in a windy city often lead me to long for a zipline ride through a rain forest shouting, “wheeeeeeee” with all my adrenaline driven power.

Perhaps I’ll seek to harness the wind and fly a kite.  I could be master of the situation and seek to make my kite serve the whims of my mastery while riding the maelstrom of rushing air.

Yet again, I might try to ride a bicycle against the wind in order to test my mettle and prove my disdain for the forces of nature.  How far might I go..?  I wonder.

The choices may be mine, but the wind blows where it will.  Can I follow?  Will I?

Ask me tomorrow.

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